进口英文,成套设备进口合同(CIF条件) 中英文 第

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15.3 In the event the Buyer cancels theContract in whole or in part, the Buyer may procure uponappropriate terms, the equipment, documents and/or the servicesimilar to those undelivered and/or unperformed, and the Sellershall be liable for any excess costs. Nevertheless, the Sellershall continue performance of the Contract to the extent notcancelled.



15.2 Either party may at any time cancelthe Contract, by giving written notice to the other party in casethe other party becomes bankrupt or insolvent. Such cancellationshall not prejudice or affect any other available remedy.


C. fails to perform any other obligationsunder the Contract except minor parts thereof, and does not remedyits failure within a period of _______days upon receipt of thedefault notice from the Buyer.

C.未能履行合同规定的其它义务,买方向卖方发出书面违约通知后提前全部或部分解除合同,该索赔被视为 卖方已经接受。对于条件。

B. fails to make the Contract Plant reachthe minimum level of the technical performance and guaranteeindices specified in Appendix 10; or


A. fails to deliver the Contract Equipmentand/or Technical Documentation within days after the scheduleddelivery time; or

A.在规定的交付合同设备和/或技术文件时间之后________天内仍未交 付;

15.1 The Buyer may, without prejudice toany other remedy for the Seller\'s following breach of contract, bywritten notice of default sent to the Seller, cancel the Contractin whole or in part, if the Seller

15.1对于卖方的下列违约,该索赔被视为 卖方已经接受。


Chapter 15 Cacellation

14.3 In case the Seller fails to replywithin fourteen (14) days upon receipt of the Buyer\'s claim, theclaim shall be regarded as being accepted by the Seller.


14.2 The claim notice shall be effectiveif it is issued not later than thirty (30) days from the expirationof the Warranty Period.


14.1.4 Compensate for other losses anddamages arising out of the Seller\'sdefault.


14.1.3 Devalue the Contract Equipmentaccording to the degree of inferiority, extent of damage and amountof losses suffered by the Buyer.


14.1.2 Replace the defective ContractEquipment or Technical Documentation in error with new one orsupplement the omitted Contract Equipment or TechnicalDocumentation at the Seller\'s expenses and the Seller shallwarrant the quality of the substitute equipment in a newlycalculated Warranty Period. The substitute and/or supplementedequipment shall be delivered to the Job Site at the Seller\'s costand risk, and the equipment in urgent need shall be airborne to theJob Site.


14.1.1 Repair the defective ContractEquipment or eliminate the defects or discrepancies of the ContractEquipment at the Seller\'s expenses. In case the Seller fails todispatch his personnel to the Job Site, the Buyer has the right toeliminate the defects or discrepancies by itself for the Seller\'saccount.


14.1 In case the Seller fails inperforming any of its obligation under the contract during thedesign, manufacture, inspection, Erection, Test Runs,Commissioning, Performance Test and Warranty Period, the Buyer hasthe right to lodge claims against the Seller for the followingremedies:


第十四章索赔Chapter 14Claim

C. lawfully becomes available to eitherparty from a third party under no obligation ofconfidentiality.


B. can be proved to have been in thepossession of either party at the time of disclosure and which wasnot previously obtained, directly or indirectly, from the otherparty hereto;


A. now or hereafter enters the publicdomain;


13.3 The confidential obligation shall notapply to the information which:


13.2 Either Party shall keep confidentialthe trade secrets which it and/or its technical personnel mayobtain or be accessible to in the course of performing the Contractand shall not make use of or disclose such information withoutprior written consent given by the other Party.

13.2任何一方应对其和/或其技术人员在履行本合同过程中获得的或接触到的商业秘密承担保密义务,你看英文。对参与履行本合同的其他方除外,任何一方有义务采取适当措施不向任何第三方透露上述专有技术和相关的技术文件,并承诺不将此许可 任何第三方。

13.1 Within ____years after the EffectiveDate of this Contract, either Party is obliged to take propermeasures to keep the know-how and related Technical Documentationstrictly confidential from any third Party except those who areengaged in the performance of the Contract. However, they aresubject to the same confidential obligation.

13.1本合同生效后_______年内,并承诺不将此许可 任何第三方。

第十三章 保 密Chapter 13Confidentiality

12.3 Either Party is obliged to keep theimprovement granted by the other party confidential and promise notto sub-license it to any third party.


12.2 The Buyer is entitled to make anyimprovements on the licensed patent and/or know-how in theexploitation thereof. In such case, the Buyer shall inform theSeller and grant-back such improvements royalty-free to the Seller.Any such improvements shall be the exclusive property of theBuyer.


12.1 In case any improvement is made bythe Seller on the licensed patent and/or know-how within thevalidity period of the Contract, the Seller shall grant the Buyerlicense to use such improvements without any charge. The Sellershall, if necessary, render technical assistance so that theimprovements can be put into practice in the Contract Plant. Allthe costs incurred in the technical assistance shall be borne bythe Buyer pursuant to terms and conditions specified in Appendix4.

12.1本合同有效期内,该保证期应相应延长。保证期满时,如合同项目因卖方原因必须停止运行,卖方接到买方的通知后立即予以修理以替换该缺陷设备。修理的或替换的设备保证期应从买方验收后重新起算。中英文 第二部分(第6至15章)。

第十二章 改进与回授

Chapter 12 Improvement andGrant-back

During the Warranty Period, if theoperation of the Contract Plant has to be stopped for the reasonattributable to the Seller, the Warranty Period shall be prolongedaccordingly. At the expiration of the Warranty Period, the Buyershall issue a certificate for the expiration of the Warranty Periodof the Contract Plant in one (1) original and one (1) duplicatecopy.


11.7 The Warranty Period of the ContractPlant shall be ________months from the date of Acceptance of theContract Plant. The warranty for the Contract Plant is specified inAppendix 3. In case the Contract Plant is found defective in theWarranty Period for the reason attributable to the Seller, theSeller shall promptly repair or replace the defective equipmentupon receipt of the Buyer\'s notification. The Warranty Period forthe repaired or substitute equipment shall be recalculated uponacceptance by the Buyer.


11.6 The Seller guarantees that qualifiedtechnical personnel shall be dispatched in due time to provideprofessional, correct and efficient Technical Service and TechnicalTraining.

11.6卖方保证按期派遣熟练的技术人员向买方提供专业的、正确的和足够的 技术服务和技术培训。

11.5 The Seller guarantees that theTechnical Documentation shall be complete, clear and correct so asto meet the requirements of design, inspection, Erection, TestRuns, Commissioning, Performance Test, operation and maintenance ofContract Plant.


The Seller guarantees that the use ofContract Equipment and/or manufacture and sale of Contract Productin the licensed territory is free from any infringement claimraised by a third party. In case the Buyer is accused of illegalexploitation or infringement of any know-how and/or patent and/orother intellectual property rights arising from the use of theContract Equipment and/or manufacture and sale of Contract Productin the licensed territory, the Buyer shall give the Seller a noticeand the Seller shall take up the matter with the third party at itsown cost in the Buyer\'s name and with the Buyer\'s assistance andindemnify the Buyer for any costs, compensations or damages arisingtherefrom.


11.4 The Seller guarantees that theContract Equipment shall be completely new, advanced in technologyand superior in quality, free from any defect in design, materialand workmanship, in conformity with Appendix 3 and suitable for theuse and purpose under the Contract.


11.3 The Seller guarantees that thelicensed know-how and/or patent shall be well developed andindustrialized and be exploitable in accordance with the TechnicalDocumentation specified in Appendix 2.


In case the Buyer is accused of illegalexploitation or infringement of such know-how and/or patent and/orother intellectual property rights within licensed territory, theBuyer shall give the Seller a notice and the Seller shall take upthe matter with the third party at its own cost in the Buyer\'sname and with the Buyer\'s assistance and indemnify the Buyer forany costs, compensations or damages arising there from.


11.2 The Seller guarantees that it is thelegitimate owner and/or holder of the licensed know-how and/orpatent and has the right to grant the license thereof to theBuyer.

11.2卖方保证自己是该许可专有技术和/或专利的合法的所有人和/或拥有 者,合同项目视为买方已经验收,在最后一次交货提单签发日后_____月内仍然没有进行性能测试,买方有权对因此所造成的损失提出索赔。

11.1 The Seller guarantees that theContract Plant shall be in safe and stable operation, and qualifiedContract Products as specified in Appendix 3 can be produced in theContract Plant.

11.1卖方保证本合同项目能安全、稳定运行并能够生产出符合本合同附件三 规定的合格合同产品。

第十一章 保证与担保Chapter 11 Guarantee andWarranty

Chapter 12 Improvement andGrant-back

During the WarrantyPeriod, if the operation of the Contract Plant has to be stoppedfor the reason attributable to the Seller, the Warranty Periodshall be prolonged accordingly. At the expiration of the WarrantyPeriod, the Buyer shall issue a certificate for the expiration ofthe Warranty Period of the Contract Plant in one (1) original andone (1) duplicate copy.

10.9 The Acceptance of the Contract Plantshall not release the Seller from his warranty for the ContractPlant.


If no Performance Test is conducted forthe reason attributable to the Buyer months from the date of Billof Lading covering the fast shipment, the Contract Plant is deemedto have been accepted by the Buyer. However, the Seller shallassist the Buyer in starting up and operating the Contract Plantwithin the scope and the amount of Technical Service specified inAppendix 4.


10.8 In case the Test Runs and/orCommissioning and/or the Performance Test are delayed and/oradditional cost arises in other circumstances for the reasonattributable to the Seller, the Buyer has the right to claim fordamages and losses thus incurred.

10.8如果因为卖方的其它原因导致试车和/或投料试生产和/或性能测试等 延期,但卖方应协助买方采取必要措施使合同项目达到性能和保证数值,测试完成后五天内双方的工地代表共同签署一份验收证书,合同项目应视为买方接收,因此所发生的一切费用由买方负责。

In case performance and the guaranteeindices cannot be reached for the reason attributable to the Buyerin another Performance Test, the Contract Plant has to be acceptedby the Buyer and an acceptance certificate shall be signed by theSite Representatives of the two Parties within five (5) days afterthe completion of the Performance Test. However, the Seller shallassist the Buyer in taking necessary measures to make the ContractPlant reach the performance and guarantee indices. All costs thusincurred including additional technical service fee shall be forthe Buyer\'s account.

如果因为买方原因性能和保证数值在第二次测试中仍不能达到要求,中国进口什么最多。卖方应协助买方再安排一次测 试,违约金的赔偿并不能免除卖方保证期的义务。

10.7.2 In case the failure in thePerformance Test is for the reason attributable to the Buyer, theSeller shall assist the Buyer in arranging another PerformanceTest. All the costs thus incurred shall be for the Buyer\'saccount.


After acceptance of liquidated damages,the Buyer shall sign the Acceptance certificate for the ContractPlant in one (1) original and one (1) duplicate. Nevertheless, theSeller shall make the Contract Plant reach the technicalperformance and guarantee indices specified in Appendix 3. Thepayment of liquidated damages shall not release the Seller from itsobligation in the Warranty Period.


After the defects have been eliminated,additional performance Test shall be carried out as soon aspossible in accordance with Appendix 10. But the opportunity ofPerformance Test for the Seller is limited to three times. In caseany of the performance or guarantee indices are not fulfilled inits third opportunity for Performance Test for the reasonattributable to the Seller, the Buyer has the right to claimagainst the Seller for liquidated damage in accordance with theprovisions of Appendix 10. The liquidated damages will not applyunless or until the results of the last Performance Test show thatthe Contract Plant reach the minimum level of the technicalperformance and guarantee indices specified in Appendix10.


10.7.1 In case any of the Performance andguarantee indices are not fulfilled for the reason attributable tothe Seller in each Performance Test, the Seller shall take measuresto eliminate the defects in the Contract Plant within the periodagreed upon both by parties. All cost involved, including but notlimited to the working hour cost, equipment and raw material cost,freight and insurance premium involved in delivery to and/or fromthe Job Site as well as the technical service for the Seller\'spersonnel, shall be borne to the Seller.


10.7 In case any item does not reach theperformance or guarantee indices specified in Appendix 3 in thePerformance Test, both parties shall make investigations into thereason for the failure and solve the problem as follows:


In case all the guarantee indicesspecified in Appendix 3 are fulfilled in Performance Test, anacceptance certificate for the Contract Plant shall be signed bythe Site Representatives of two parties within five (5) daysfollowing its completion in four (4) copies, two (2) for eachparty.

如果在性能测试中所有项目实现了附件__________所规定的保证数值,性能测试的期间为__________天。性能测试的进行应根据本合同附件十,双方应确定性能测试 的开始日期,责任方应采取适当措施消除缺陷。

10.6 When good and stable operation of theContract Plant has been achieved in the Commissioning, the twoparties fix the starting date for the Performance Test. The periodof the Performance Test is _______ days. The Performance Test shallbe carried out in accordance with Appendix 10, details of whichshall be recorded in the log book and signed by the SiteRepresentatives of the two parties within five (5) days followingthe completion.


The Buyer shall take the sample andconduct the analytical test in the presence of the SiteRepresentative of the two Parties. In case the Contract Plant failsto meet the requirements specified in Appendix 10 in Commissioning,both Parties shall make investigations thereon and the partyresponsible for the fail shall take appropriate measures toeliminate the defects and/or facilitate Commissioning.


In order to facilitate Commissioning andPerformance Test, the Buyer shall, pursuant to Appendix 10, makeavailable maintenance, laboratory and testing facilities andskilled personnel as well as utilities and all raw materials in thespecified quantity and quality, and the Seller shall make availablequalified technical personnel and adequate spare parts as well asother items specified in Appendix 10.

10.5 The Commissioning and PerformanceTest shall be conducted for no more than ____ times and completedwithin ____ months following the completion date of Test Runs.Detailed procedures for the Commissioning and Performance Testshall be submitted by the Seller before the completion of Test Runsand be agreed upon by both Parties.



10.4 The Test Runs shall be conducted andcompleted within _______ month following the completion date ofErection. If the Test Runs has been performed and found inconformity with the Technical Documentation, a certificate for theTest Runs shall be signed by the Site Representative of the twoParties within five (5) days following its completion.


10.3 The Erection shall be conducted andcompleted within ______ month from the Effective Date of theContract. When the Erection is completed in accordance withTechnical Documentation, both Parties shall sign the certificatefor Erection within five (5) days following its completion. Thesigning date of the said certificate shall be deemed as thecompletion date of the Erection.


10.2 Either Party shall nominate one (1)Site Representative respectively _______ days before the beginningof Erection. Both Parties shall carry out the Erection, Test Runs,Commissioning, Performance Test and Acceptance of the ContractPlant in accordance with Appendix 10, details of which shall berecorded in a log book and signed by Site Representative of the twoParties.


10.1 The Erection, Test Runs,Commissioning and performance Test of Contract Plant shall becarried out by the Buyer under the technical instruction renderedby the Seller. The scope of the Technical Service is specified inAppendix 4.

10.1安装、试车、投料试生产、性能测试和验收均由买方在卖方的技术指导 下进行,检验机构可自主根据买方国家现行标准和/或其认为其它适当标准进行检验。

第十章 安装、试车、投料试生产、性能测试和验收

9.10 If the standards and codes specifiedin the Technical Documentation are found incomplete, the InspectionAuthorities will, at their discretion, carry out the inspectionaccording to the current standards of the Buyer\'s country and/orother standards considered suitable by the Inspection Authorities.Chapter 10 Erection, Test Runs, Commissioning, Performance Test andAcceptance


9.9 Should ContractEquipment be founddefective before the expiration of Warranty Period for any reason,including but not limited to latent defect or the use of unsuitablematerials, the Buyer has the right to apply to the InspectionAuthorities for inspection and claim against the Seller on thestrength of the inspection certificate.


9.8 In case of container transportation,the opening and return of the containers shall not be regarded asthe open-package inspection.


Should any shortage, defect, damage orother non-conformity with the Contract be found with the deliveredContract Equipment during the open-package inspection, theinspection certificate issued by the Inspection Authorities shallbe taken by the Buyer as effective evidence to claim against theSeller

9.7 The open-packageinspection on theContract Equipment shall be performed by the Inspection Authoritiesat the Job Site. The Buyer shall inform the Seller the date of theinspection____ days before the open-package inspection. The Sellermay send its representatives at its own expenses to be present inthe inspection. If the Seller\'s representatives are not present inthe open-package inspection, the Inspection Authorities have theright to conduct the inspection in theirabsence.

9.7对合同设备的开箱检验应由工作现场的检验机构履行。买方应在开箱检 验前__________天将检验的日期通知卖方,第二部。也不能免除卖方基于本合同的担保义务。

9.6 The pre-delivery inspection shall notsubstitute the inspection of the Contract Equipment at the port ofUnloading and/or the Job Site and shall not release the Seller fromits guarantee obligations as further specified in theContract.

9.6装船前的检验并不能替代卸货港和/或工作现场的检验,由此引起的费用均由卖方负担。如果买方的技术人员不能按期到场并不属于卖方的过错,应再次检验和实验,当缺陷排除后,进口英文。并自费采取必要措施排除缺陷或不符合本合同规定之处,买方检验人员有权参加 与合同设备有关的会议。

In case the Buyer\'inspectors are notpresent in due time not due to the Seller\'s fault, the Seller hasthe right to carry out the assembly and the inspection on itsown.

9.5 The Seller shallgive fullconsiderations to the opinions put forward by the Buyer sinspectors, and shall take necessary measures at its own costs toeliminate the defect or discrepancy, if any, thus a secondinspection shall be conducted by the Seller for its ownaccount.

9.5卖方应充分考虑买方检验人员提出的意见,买方检验人员有权参加 与合同设备有关的会议。

9.4 The main equipment shall be assembledin the presence of the Buyer\'s inspectors. The Buyer\'s inspectorshave the right to attend the meetings related to the quality of theContract Equipment.

9.4主要设备的装配和检验应有买方检验人员在场,买方应在收到该通知后_____日内确认是否派遣技术人员。你看中英文 第二部分(第6至15章)。

The Seller shall notify the Buyer of theinspection date _____ month in advance, The Buyer shall confirmwhether it will dispatch the inspectors within _____ days uponreceipt of such a notice.


9.3 The Buyer is entitled to send itsinspectors to the Seller\'s and/or manufacturer\'s countries toinspect the manufacturing process and quality of the main equipmenttogether with the Seller\'s inspectors.


9.2 The Seller or the manufacturer shallinspect the Contract Equipment and issue the ex-works qualitycertificates as well as pre-delivery inspection records, allexpenses involved shall be for the Seller\'s account. The ex-worksquality certificates and pre-delivery inspection records shall besubmitted to the Buyer.

9.2卖方或生产厂家应对合同设备进行检验并向买方提交厂家的质量合格证书和发货前的检验记录,相比看成套设备进口合同(CIF条件)。应根据双方在设计联 络期间签署协议的规定以及卖方和/或买方国家现行标准规范进行,卖方应协助买方技术人员到生产合同设备的制造厂参观并回答买方提出的与合同项目技术事项有关的一切问题。

9.1 The Seller shallcarry out design,selection of materials, manufacture and inspection of the ContractEquipment according to the protocols signed by two parties duringdesign liaison and existing standards and codes of the Seller\'scountry and/or of the Seller itself, which is specified in Appendix9.


第九章 标准与检验Chapter 9 Standards andInspection

8.7 During the design liaison meetings,the Seller shall assist the Buyer\'s personnel in visiting thefactories manufacturing Contract Equipment and answer the questionsput forward by the Buyer in connection with the technical mattersof the Contract plant.


Within _____ months from the EffectiveDate of the Contract, the Buyer shall dispatch its technicalpersonnel to the Seller\'s office to participate in the detaileddesign review meeting during which the detailed design reviewmeeting protocol shall be signed by both parties.


Within _____ months from the EffectiveDate of the Contract, the Buyer shall, in accordance with Appendix8, dispatch its technical personnel to the Seller\'s office toparticipate in the basic design review meeting. The Seller shallsubmit the basic design documentation to the Buyer before themeeting as per Appendix 8. The Buyer is entitled to put forward itsopinions on the submitted documentation. The Seller shall take theBuyer\'s opinions into consideration and modify its designaccordingly. The basic design review meeting protocol shall besigned by both parties through consultation and shall be taken asthe basis of detailed design.

8.5自本合同生效之日起______个月内,双方应签署协商会议纪要,包括本合同附件九所规定的标准和规范。卖方有权对该标准和规范提出意见。事实上进口英文。在“协商会”上经双方讨论商定的标准和规范作为初步设计。“协商会”期间,卖方应自费派遣技术人员参加“协商会”并在会议前向买方提交相关的技术文件,详 见附件八。

Within ______ months from the EffectiveDate of the Contract, the Seller shall, at its own cost, dispatchits technical personnel to participate in the kick-off meeting andsubmit to the Buyer before the meeting the relevant documentationincluding the standards and codes specified in Appendix 9. TheBuyer is entitled to put forward its opinions on the submittedstandards and codes. The standards and codes shall be decided onthe kick-off meeting and be taken as the design basis. During thekick-off meeting, both parties shall sign the kick-off meetingprotocol, which shall be taken as the basis of basicdesign.

8.4自本合同生效之日起______个月内,详 见附件八。

8.3 The contents, time schedule, place,cost, the number and qualification of participants of the designliaison meetings are specified in Appendix 8.


8.2 The scope of design undertaken byeither party and submission the Technical Documentation arespecified in Appendix8. The documentation submitted by the Buyershall be taken as the design basis.

8.2买卖双方任何一方所承担的设计范围和所提供的技术文件详见本合同附件八,双方应按本合同附件八 和本章的规定实施设计和设计联络。

8.1 Both parties shall carry out andcomplete design and design liaison in accordance with Appendix8.

8.1为使本合同项目建设工作的顺利进行,应将本合同第3.2.2和第3.2.3条所规定的技术文件的总价(包括许可费和设计费)作为计算违约金的基础。卖方延期交付技术文件的违约金的总量不得超过本合同价的百分之_____,每周按技术文件价值的百分之__________。进口英文。不足一周按一周计算违约金。不管涉及到哪一部分技术文件延期交付,每周按技术文件价值的百分之__________ ;

第八章设计和设计联络Chapter 8 Design and DesignLiaison

Odd days less than one (1) weed shallbe counted as one week for calculating the liquidated. Theaggregated value of the Technical Documentation specified inArticle 3.2.2 and Article 3.2.3 including the license fee anddesign fee shall be taken as the basis for calculating theliquidated damage, despite any portion of Technical Documentationis involved in late delivery. The total amount of liquidateddamages paid by the Seller for late delivery of TechnicalDocumentation shall not exceed _____ percent of the Contract Price.The payment of liquidated damages by the Seller shall not releasethe Seller from its obligation to deliver the delayed TechnicalDocumentation.

C. From the fifth week, _____ percent ofthe value of the Technical Documentation per week.

C.第五周起,每周按技术文件价值的百分之__________ ;

B. From the second to the fourth week,_____ percent of the value of theTechnical Documentation perweek;


A. For the first week, ____ percent of thevalue of the Technical Documentation per week;


7.6 The Seller shalldeliver the TechnicalDocumentation in accordance with the schedule specified in Appendix2 and 8. Should the Seller fail to deliver any lot of the TechnicalDocumentation or any part thereof in due time, the Seller shall bepenalized for late delivery at the following rates:


7.5 The date stamped on the airway bill bythe Destination Airport shall be deemed as the actual delivery dateof the Technical Documentation.


B. Two (2) copies of detailed list ofTechnical Documentation. In case of any shortage, loss or damage inrespect of the Technical Documentation, the Seller shall effectpromptly supplementary delivery of any omitted, lost or damagedpart without any charge upon receipt of the Buyer\'snotification.


A. Two (2) copies of airway bill (markedwith the Contract number and the consignee);


7.4 Within _____ hours after dispatchingthe Technical Documentation, the Seller shall notify the Buyer byfax of the dispatching date, number of parcels, flight No., andapproximate gross weight, and submit to the Buyer the followingdocuments:


7.3 The Technical Documentation providedby the Seller shall be delivered DDU the Destination Airport inlots within _____ months after the Effective Date of theContract.

7.3在本合同生效之日起__________月内,标明技术文件的序号、 代号、名称和页数。

Two (2) copies of list indicating seriesNo., code, title and pages of documentation shall be enclosed ineach parcel of the Technical Documentation.


7.1箱号/件号。. Case No./BaleNo.

第七章 技术文件

The Seller shall use wooden package freefrom any insect infestation. Should insect infestation be found inquarantine inspection, the Seller shall bear the cost incurred infumigation or replacement of package at the Port ofUnloading

6.8卖方使用的木制包装物应能防虫害侵袭,卖方应根据合同的规定负责修理、替换和/或赔偿。相比看cif。如果合同设备出现 错运是因为错误或模糊包装和/或装船标志所致,卖方要仔细检查集装箱以使处于良好状态的集装箱来运输该合同设备。集装箱内要有足够的填充物或楔子以防合同设备在集装箱内摇晃。卖方应对其疏忽而造成的合同设备损坏承担责任。

If any of the Contract Equipment isdamaged or lost due to improper packing and/or inadequateprotective measures, the Seller shall be responsible for repair,replacement and/or compensation in accordance with the Contract. Ifthe Contract Equipment are mistransported due to mistake orambiguousness in package and/or shipping marks, the Seller shallbear additional expenses thus incurred.


In case of container transportation, theSeller shall examine the conditions of the containers so that onlythose in good conditions shall be used for delivery of the ContractEquipment. Sufficient shores or chocks shall be provided in orderto prevent the Contract Equipment from moving inside thecontainers. The Seller shall be liable for any damage to theContract Equipment thus incurred due to the negligence of theSeller.


D. Two (2) copies of systematic assemblingdrawings for the machine and parts to be assembled.


C. One (1) copy of Technical Documentationfor relevant Contract Equipment;


B. Two (2) duplicate copies of qualitycertificate;


A. Two (2) duplicate copies of detailedpacking list;


The following documents shall be enclosedin each package of the Contract Equipment:

6.5每件包装箱内,应在包装箱的四个侧面以英文及国际贸易运输常用的标记、图案标明重量及挂绳和重心位置,以毫米表示)H. Measurement (length X width X height incm).

Should the Contract Equipment weight 2 ormore than 2 metric tons, the weight, gravity and hoisting positionshall be marked in English and with international tradetransportation practice marks illustrative marks on the fouradjacent sides of each case so as to facilitate and loading,unloading and handling. In accordance with the characteristics anddifferent requirements in loading, unloading and shipping differentequipment, the package shall be conspicuously marked with "HANDLEWITH CARE", "RIGHT SIDE UP", "KEEP DRY", etc, in English and withappropriate international trade practice marks and illustrativemarks.

6.4凡重量为2吨或超过2吨的合同设备,进口英文。用不褪色的油漆以明显易见的 英文字样印刷以下标记:


G.毛重/净重;G. Gross/Net weight;

F.箱号/件号;F. Case No./BaleNo.;

E.合同设备名称及项号;E. Name of Contract Equipment and ItemNo.;

D.收货人;D. Consignee;

C.目的港;C. Destination;

B.唛头标记;B. Shipping Mark;

A.合同号;A. Contract No.

6.3 The Seller shall, on four (4) adjacentsides of each package, mark conspicuously the following items inEnglish with indelible paint:


6.2 The loose accessories in package orbundle shall be labeled by the Seller indicating Contract No., nameof main equipment, name of accessories and their position numberand accessory number marked on assembling drawings. Spare parts andtools shall be marked with the words "SPARE PARTS" or "TOOLS"besides the above mentioned particulars.

6.2卖方对包装箱内和捆内的各散装部件均应系加标签,进口。卖方应根据设备的特点和需要采取防潮、防雨、防锈、防震、防腐蚀和防其它损害等必要的保护措施,包装应由卖方负责。卖方交付的所有设备应具有适合远洋和陆地运输和多次搬运、装卸、新的、坚固的木箱包装, 6.1 Unless otherwisespecified in theContract, the Contract Equipment shall be packed by the Seller innew and wooden cases and necessary measures shall be taken toprotect the Contract Equipment from moisture, rain, rust,corrosion, shock and damages according to their different shapesand special features so as to make the Contract Equipment withstandnumerous handling, loading and unloading as well as long distanceocean and inland transportation to ensure the Contract Equipmentsafe arrival at the Working Site without any damage orcorrosion.

6.1除非合同另有规定, 第六章 包装与标记Chapter 6 Packing andMarking

Chapter 15 ……………Cancellation


Chapter 14………………Claim


Chapter 13……………………………………Confidentiality


Chapter 12……………………Improvement and Grant-back


Chapter 11…………………Guarantee and Warranty


Chapter 10……Erection,Test Runs, Commissioning,Performance Test andAcceptance


Chapter 9…………Standards and Inspection


Chapter 8………………Design and Design Liaison


Chapter 7…………Technical Documentation


Chapter 6 ……………Packing andMarking


第二部分 (第六章至)

CIFModel Contract for Importation of Contract Plant